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Monday, October 15, 2007

Leaving a Legacy

As I age, I think more and more about what kind of legacy I’ll leave. What have I done that is worth passing on? What are the lessons I’ve learned? What do I want to be remembered for?

Rosemary Lichtman has written a great article on helping our parents ferret out their legacies. She offers four steps to encourage them to determine the intangibles that are important to them. This is at least as important as the financial legacy we spend so much time thinking and talking about.

How about you? What are you doing to create your own legacy or help your parents with theirs?

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I'm glad you liked my article on creating a legacy of meaning and set up a link to it. Your blog brings so many additional informative articles to your readers attention. All of us in the Sandwich Generation really appreciate your thoughts and hard work.
Rosemary Lichtman

By Blogger Nourishing Relationships, at 10:23 PM  

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