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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keep Your Day Job?

ABC News has an interesting article on “Keep a Job While Caring for Older Relative.” They recommend this as a solution to issues of money, boredom, and keeping your resume current.

Carol Bradley Bursack has blogged on this and suggests it’s a bit Utopian. I tend to agree with her. I don’t even do full time care and can barely keep up with my self-employment. What do you think?

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ABC has produced another piece that basically tells family caregivers to stop whining and find ways to work even harder.

Somewhere there may be a family caregiver who is just hiding out to avoid actual work, but I've never met that person.

"Full-time employment" is typically 40 hours per week. "Full-time caregiving" is 24/7. It makes a difference.

My assumption is that any caregiver with enough time and energy to stay plugged into a job will do so out of the instinct for self-preservation.

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