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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Favorite Mom Quotes

Checklist Charlie has a cute post of her favorite “Mom” quotes—words of wisdom from her mom and others.

While I can’t think of any quotes from my mom that have influenced me positvely, here’s one from my dad:

“Do the thing you fear the most.” I used this frequent admonition as a sophomore in high school, after moving from my childhood home in Wyoming and entering my third high school in California. I was so painfully shy that school was a horror for me. Being in a new school just exacerbated the problem. That year I decided I couldn’t live this way any more and signed up for a public speaking class—truly the thing I feared the most. As I learned the skills, I found I wasn’t bad and actually enjoyed it. I went from the class to forensics—competitive speaking—and did fairly well. Now I’m a professional speaker! All because I was willing to do the thing I feared the most.

I hope that my son will remember and live by the words I prayed for him every night of his childhood: “Become the man God created you to be.” It’s been a joy watching him over the years and especially now since he is a kidult. He truly is becoming the unique and wonderful man God created him to be.

What are some of the words you live by?

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Wow! Pat, thanks for noticing my Checklist Charlie blog. It means alot. I'm really inspired to read that you followed your dreams and now speak publicly professionally. Way to go! Cathy PS Your son sounds terrific.

By Anonymous cathy krafve, at 4:28 PM  

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