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Friday, July 06, 2007

A New Gen Sandwich Season

Our family is in a new season, it seems. For a year and a half, we were occupied with caring for my step dad in the nursing home and then in the board and care home. Dealing with his medical, emotional, and financial issues consumed much of my time and even more of my mom’s time. I had worried about her spending so much time with him. She complained about being tired of having to go every day. A lot of that was her own issues—her own negativity and martyr syndrome. But it’s true. It was hard on all of us.

Now that he’s passed away and we’ve taken care of the funeral and most of the major business issues, Mom is in a new season--one that I need to learn to deal with. She’s exhausted and depressed, and of course, grieving, and it all mushes together so I don’t quite know what to do—if anything. I call and I can’ tell she’s either crying or has been crying. She sleeps more than she used to. An outing exhausts her.

I know that some of this will just take time. Grief is a long season and takes on different nuances from day to day. What I need is wisdom to know what’s normal and when we have a problem. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get caught up from all that I fell behind in and find that I don’t call as often and don’t even visit as often. I guess I’m pretty tired too. But I know that I need to remain faithful and consistent and intentional about caring for Mom. Oh the joys of being a Gen Sandwicher.


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