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Friday, November 05, 2010

Fiction Friday: Farraday Road

Farraday Road by Ace Collins is an unusual book. I received it from Zondervan about a year ago, but have been backlogged with blog tours and since this one was unsolicited, I didn’t read it until I was sick this week.

The book starts with a murder, a disappearance, and the subsequent investigation. Reads like a typical cop-murder mystery. Fast paced and earthy. All-business female cop, wealthy victim. The requisite twists and turns. The mystery moves from the victims to Swope’s Ridge, a splendid piece of property in the Ozarks. Then a little more than halfway through it takes a sharp turn to the unlikely. It moves from believable to fanciful to fantastical. Coincidences become increasingly less believable in a National Treasure or Indiana Jones sort of way.  A charming new character is introduced, but in a contrived way. More twists and turns, and then it becomes clear. There aren’t enough pages for the various mysteries to resolve. And sure enough, just as another plot element is introduced, to be continued…

I enjoyed the read, but was terribly disappointed with the sales gimmick designed to assure the sale of book two.I don't mind series. I don't mind leaving some elements unresolved. but this was a little too much.

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