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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fiction Friday: Life in Defiance

Mary DeMuth concludes the Defiance Texas Trilogy with this, the 3rd book. In the first book, Daisy Chain, young Daisy Chance disappears. Her friend, Jed Pepper, feels guilty for abandoning her and Daisy’s mother, Emory Chance, blames him. In A Slow Burn, Emory tries to find Daisy’s murderer as questions regarding Daisy’s death continue to mount. And Hixon, the gentle handyman, continues to love Emory.

The final book, Life in Defiance, is told from Ouisie Pepper’s point of view. We see more clearly the domestic abuse she endures from her husband, the pastor of a local church. In her desire to become the wife and mother Hap demands, Ouisie studies a book on being a good Christian wife and even meets the author. But it doesn’t help her desire to escape through drinking nor does it quell her fears. Meanwhile, she believes she knows who killed Daisy, but she lacks the courage to tell anyone. Life in Defiance is a satisfying end to this trilogy. It’s deep, poignant, and redemptive. Another great read.


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Great book, I have read it and thoroughly enjoyed it!

By Anonymous Tyson, at 9:00 PM  

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