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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trial Trip Update

I realized that I never closed the loop on the trial trip we took Mom on earlier this month. We did one short excursion in the late morning of the first day, before checking in to the hotel. Had lunch at a place she remembered. She enjoyed that. As soon as we got to the hotel it was naptime. She slept for a couple of hours, then we went down to happy hour and enjoyed a drink. We decided to go to Old Town for a short walk. We had barely crossed the street when she fell – went sprawling. She hurt her knees and head, but thank God, didn’t break anything.

We took her back to the hotel and she slept a full 12 hours. She usually sleeps four to five hours. The next day we made it to one museum, where she refused to use a wheelchair because she thought she was too heavy for us to push. Back for another nap. She went down for happy hour, but was too tired to go to dinner. The next day we went to two museums, where we insisted on the wheelchair. I think she enjoyed it despite fretting that it was too hard for us.

Unfortunately, we decided the first night that we can’t risk the longer trip. We don’t want to be 400 miles from nowhere and have her take a serious fall. Fortunately, we hadn’t mentioned the possibility to her, so she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Meanwhile, we’ll try to do more local trips to keep her feeling like she’s going someplace.

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