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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fiction Friday: Songbird Under a German Moon

Tricia Goyer has written another outstanding World War II novel. Perhaps since this is the era when I was born, I find these books compelling. Besides the fact that they're well written, of course.

The year is 1945. The war is over and 21-year-old Betty Lake has been invited to Europe to sing in a USO tour for American soldiers who now occupy Hitler's Germany. The first nights performance is a hit. Betty becomes enthralled with the applause, the former Nazi-held mansion they're housed in and the attention of Frank Witt, the US Army Signal Corp Photographer. Yet the next night this songbird is ready to fly the coop when Betty's new roommate, Kat, turns up missing. Betty soon realizes Frank’s photographs could be the key to finding her. Betty and Frank team up against post-war Nazi influences and wonder if they will find the each other. But will they have a chance for their romance to sing? The truth will be revealed under a German moon.

Interested in other reviews on the blog tour? You’ll find the schedule here. Want to win a copy of songbird? Leave a comment on Tricia’s blog or send an email through her website CONNECT page and answer this question: What era in history do you wish you'd lived in and why? Earn extra entries by signing up for Tricia's newsletter here, becoming a Fan on Facebook or Tweeting about the contest on Twitter (use hashtag #songbird)!


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sounds like a good book. I would like to see it made into a movie. I like those kind of movies.

By Blogger karen, at 7:58 PM  

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