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Monday, April 05, 2010

Trial Trip

Mom turns 89 on Saturday. I have class, so I won’t be able to be with her. So we’ll spend a few days with her during the week. Mom loves to travel. She and her hubby had a motor home they used for years, traveling the country. They even drove to Alaska a couple of times. Since he got sick in 2005 she’s had the wanderlust. She wants to “go.” She hasn’t been able to do more than day trips.

To celebrate her birthday, we’ve arranged to take her to a hotel just an hour from her home. It’s a nice place. Nicer than she’s ever stayed in. We arrived at her home today. She’s looking SO tired. I hope she’ll be able to handle the trip and perhaps a few excursions. Looking at her tonight, I’m not sure …

We had hoped this would be a trial run for a longer summer trip. She is longing to go to Kansas, her home before she was married (in 1946). She has four living friend she wants to visit – one in Idaho, one in Wyoming, and two in Kansas. Three are in nursing home and one is barely managing. She’s lost so many friends and these are all that are left. My hubby and I have been trying to figure out if she could manage a road trip of that magnitude. This will be a trial run – without the 300 miles per day. I’ll keep you posted.

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