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Saturday, August 28, 2010

What’s This about Getting Old?

Robert Faber expressed my sentiments exactly in his op-ed piece on the At 84, he looks around and wonders why everyone else is so old. It’s a great read, especially for Boomers.

I’m at my family’s this weekend. Everyone is here for a nephew’s birthday. Mom is 89, Brother is 60, Sister is 53. At 62, I feel no more than 30 and keep thinking I’m back “at home” with much younger siblings. In fact, I often confuse my brother with my 26-year-old son. I’ll be talking on the phone to one and see the other in my mind’s eye. I sometimes feel as if I’m in a time warp and have a hard time remembering my own age and stage. I’m doing things usually done by much younger people (like grad school and gardening) and have plans for the next 30 years, yet my body often screams in protest. Who am I and how old am I anyway?

I know I’m not alone, and at the same time I know that my attitude helps keep me young. Meanwhile, like Robert Faber, I “just keep planning and trying and doing. The beauty of life at any age, but a requisite for old age, is: Tomorrow.” 

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My grandmother used to say that she didn't feel much different than she did at 25. Physically, of course, but otherwise, no. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

By Anonymous Heather Mundell, at 11:24 AM  

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