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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fiction Friday: Shades of Morning

My friend Marlo Schalesky has written yet another provocative novel I think you’ll enjoy. Much like a GenSandwicher suddenly faced with family responsibilities, Marnie Wittier’s quiet, peaceful life is unexpectedly turned upside down when her long-estranged sister dies and makes Marnie guardian for her 15-year old son – a boy Marnie never knew existed. And when Emmit arrives, she discovers he has Down syndrome—and that she’s woefully unprepared to care for him. What’s worse, she has to deal with her sister’s attorney, Taylor Cole, a man Marnie once loved—and abandoned. As Emmit and Taylor work their way into her heart, Marnie begins to heal. But when pieces of her dismal past surface again, she must at last face the scripts of paper in her box, all the regrets and sorrows. Can she do it? Or will she run again? And are things really as they appear?


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