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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do We Really Want Government Controlled Health Care?

Linda Yezak made an interesting comment on my February 10 post and mentioned an article she had written called “Ocean Front Property in Arizona.” I checked it out and want to commend it to you. She gives real life examples of what happens when the government tries to practice medicine. As aging Baby Boomers and Gen Sandwichers, we need to wake up and pay attention. Medical care for our parents and ourselves is at risk, and with it, our very lives.

For years I’ve worked with women on disability. Their medical care—such as it is--was provided primarily by Medicaid. They often can’t find a physician who will treat them, and when they do, the medical care is much like Linda describes—cost-cutting decisions that result in additional problems. I’ve especially seen issues related to psychotropic drugs being mismanaged. It’s terribly frustrating and dangerous. Why do we think that when the government is the primary care payer for all, quality of care will be any better than it is for the few now? These cost-cutting measures put every one of us at risk. It’s so easy to want a free lunch, but folks, in the end, we’ll regret it.

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