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Monday, December 29, 2008

Knowing When to Consider Assisted Living

Accent on Seniors published an article titled "How Do You Know When It’s Time to Consider a Move to Assisted Living for Your Elderly Parent(s)?” Since I expect to need this information in 2009, I found it very helpful. Here are some questions they suggest asking as indicators. Are your aging parents:
Eating nutritiously? Losing weight? Is there fresh food in the house?

Are the bills paid on time? Are they able to maintain their finances and keep records in order?

Experiencing falls and/or bruising?

Experiencing episodes of marked mental confusion? Has there been a wandering incident?

Not getting dressed all day? Depressed? Personality changes?

Lacking in social interest, isolation and/or a loss of interest in friends or favorite activities?

Is one parent overwhelmed as the primary caregiver for the other? If so, is his parent equipped both mentally and physically? Does that other parent have a caregiver to relieve them at times?

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Thank you for posting the indicators for when it's time to consider assisted living for your aging parent.

I remember the talk my sister and I had with my aging mom, trying to convince her to move to an assisted living residential care facility.

We finally convinced her that people would be able to take care of her needs better than we were -- since we were both working full time.

Mom had fallen while we were on vacation and required stitches. This was the turning point that pointed us to assisted living. That and the suspicion that her fall was created by forgetting her high blood pressure medication.

You can find free forms for evaluation a assisted living facility at

-- Bill

By Anonymous Bill Grote, at 11:18 AM  

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