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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don’t Forget Your Mate

If you’re a bona fide Gen Sandwicher, with children at home and parents to care for, you’ll enjoy a book I just received. What Happy Parents Do: The Loving Little Rituals of a Child-Proof Marriage by Carol J. Bruess, Ph.D. & Anna D.H. Kudak, M.A. offers short, pithy suggestions to build, maintain, or resurrect a strong and loving marriage relationship as your family expands. While it’s aimed at parents of young children, many of the suggestions are equally effective for those of us “parenting” our parents, whether or not you have children at home.

The book encourages you to develop loving little rituals—those predictable, steady, and soothing, activities that can set and re-set the tone of a marriage. It will inspire you to cool your conflict and heat up your romance by developing durable and dependable ways of shifting your attention from your kids to one another.

The authors quote couples who have developed these rituals, then offer their own comments. Peppered throughout the book are full page reminders, artistically presented on brown, beige, or turquoise pages almost suitable for framing. One such reminder is perfect for Gen Sandwichers: “Do quiet the external noise so you can tune in to each other and to your marriage.”

I have several people on my Christmas list who would benefit from this little book. It’s artistically designed and printed on glossy paper, making it a beautiful gift book.

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Feeling like a piece of bologna is not good. Though I understand, sometimes I think more in terms of panini sandwiches, hot, grilled and under pressure. Not to mention over-promised.

But options for help are available. The FMLA Act does nothing for me - that 50 employee limit thing - but starting up a business I can run from my laptop has been a great decision...

By Anonymous Anne Holmes, at 3:36 PM  

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