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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Needing ideas

OK, it’s your turn. We’re at Mom’s again, with medical appointments Monday and Tuesday. What I’m increasingly running into is Mom’s lack of “getting it” that her energy levels are quickly declining. She will run errands, try to flip a mattress (seriously!), pull weeds, or clean the house. Then she’s so tired she can’t even talk. She refuses to make a list of things she needs us or any of my sibs to do when we come. Things that any of us could do in 10 minutes, but would take her an hour and risk an injury. She truly seems to not understand the idea of conserving her energy for the things she enjoys. Everything is an emergency. Everything has to be done when she thinks of it. We want her to be independent as long as possible, but she’s shortening that time by stubborn decisions or lack of understanding—I’m not sure which. She’s 87 years old and I’m not being very successful in teaching her a new way of thinking. Has anyone had success in this? I’m getting desperate.

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