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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with an Aging Mother

We spent last weekend with Mom and most of our family. Everyone still wants to go to Mom’s for the family holiday, and Mom still wants to host it. Problem is, she really can’t handle much of the preparations and most of the family can’t or won’t pitch in. That used to be OK. I could handle dinner for a crowd with little effort. However, now that I have my own aches and pains, it’s harder for me to manage. I was utterly exhausted following our dinner – and we low-keyed it in every way possible. Paper plates, ham rather than turkey, boxed scalloped potatoes. Fortunately, my brother washed all the dishes (there were still a lot!) and cleaned up the kitchen. As good as it was to see everyone, we were glad when it was over!

We had arrived on Thursday for a Friday doctor appointment. Still no diagnosis, but at least this doc is reducing the medications. However, between the medical appointment and last minute shopping, Mom was pretty blitzed even before Saturday arrived. By the time we were ready to leave on Sunday, she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She laid down for a nap and slept four hours! She sounded much better today.

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