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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Death

Our community experienced another death this week. Our care group through our church is made up of Gen Sandwichers or former Gen Sandwichers. One couple lost their parents years ago before the group started. A single woman lost her mom several months ago. She’s just completing her executor functions. Then I lost my step dad in April and am working on re-settling my mom. Another Gen Sandwich couple has two parents who also live several hours away and who are both ill. In fact, they’re with her parents this weekend, having just returned from visiting their married children.

Grandma Rachael lived her last couple of years with her daughter and son-in-law—the final couple in the group. The whole group adopted her and came to love her. She was a delightful woman. So deep and spiritual. So filled with faith, and yet humanly struggling with her health problems. We often prayed for her as she faced her declining health. She had been hospitalized for several weeks, and then was allowed to go home to die. Her last days were calm as she anticipated Heaven. But sad. And so hard on her daughter and SIL.

It’s interesting having a group where so many of us are dealing with aging parent issues, and the inevitable end of those issues. I read a tender article in on “The Challenge of Death and Dying: Caring for Aging Parents.” It is something we need to consider—both for our parents and ourselves.

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