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Monday, October 30, 2006

Bed Sores and Cherishing Relationships

Patricia Ann Hunter in Washing the Feet of the Saints offers helpful tips for avoiding bedsores. This is an important topic for those caring for aging parents who aren’t able to move a lot. Patricia doesn’t post often, but I love her attitude of service and grace in caring for her mother.

We’re visiting our son and his wife following a conference for Christian bloggers at Biola University. The conference was good, but seeing our newlyweds is better. They’re settling in so well. Today my dear DIL and I went shopping. It’s fun having a girl! This evening we visited some of our son’s friends. One of our joys has been developing close relationships with so many of his friends over the years. They seem to enjoy us almost as much as we enjoy them. Last time we were here, we hosted a party at their apartment, just so we could visit with all of their friends. Since we have only the one child, we’ve always seemed to add boys along the way, investing in the lives of many. Seeing our son successfully launched as a man is such a joy for us.

Unfortunately, when we visit the kids, we get so busy that it’s easy to forget Mom. I hadn’t called her for a few days. Usually, I call every day or at worst, every other day. She acts as if it’s a nuisance, often sounding annoyed as she answers, “Well, what do you want?” I try to not let that bother me. It’s just her way. But tonight when I called, she was glad to hear from me. She said was about to call me! Now that would be a switch!

It’s sad when she isn’t as delighted to hear from me as we are to hear from our son and DIL. Sometimes when he’s coming home, we wait for him at the curb we’re so anxious to see him. We’ve always wanted him to know how wonderfully special he is and how delighted we are to have him. I hope that when I’m old and he calls, I’ll still behave the same way. I hope when I’m old, he’ll call.

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