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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Emergency Preparedness

If your aging parents were to have a medical emergency, could you provide the vital information doctors would need to care for them? Do you know the names of your parents' doctors? Is your mom taking any medications? Has your dad ever had any surgery?

These are questions asked in an article on the Mayo Clinic website. They ask several good questions that we need to know about our parent’s medical and health needs, and they provide a PDF form to organize the info. I’m sending a copy to my parents today. And it wouldn't hurt to complete forms for my husband and I and send them to our son--just in case...

In addition, make sure that you, your adult children, and your parents carry cards indicating who to call in case of emergency. I don't think my husband or I even have such a card in our wallets. How would emergency personnel ever find our son, best friends, or parents to notify them? This is particularly important with regard to adult children who live elsewhere and only have cell phones rather than land lines. They will be much more difficult to locate than someone listed in the phone book.

I have a couple of tasks to do tonight. How about you?

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