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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fiction Friday: When the Devil Whistles

If you like suspense with lots of twists and turns, you’ll love When the Devil Whistles by my friend Rick Acker.

Allie Whitman is a whistle blower. She and attorney Connor Norman love to make devils of the corporate giants pay for their crimes. But this time, they may have gotten in too deep and their lives are at risk. As the plot thickens, Allie must face her own giants and decide what’s important in life. And of course, there’s a hint of romance just to keep things interesting.

Acker has done a masterful job of developing both plot and characters. While he stretches reality in a few places, the story holds together and is a real page-turner.

Acker is a Deputy Attorney General for the State of California’s Department of Justice. His unit prosecutes corporate fraud lawsuits like this one, so he brings a lot of real-life credibility to the story.

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Sounds like a great read. I have to get it for my sis. She would love it. Thanks!

By Blogger karen, at 1:08 PM  

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