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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Surviving the Sandwich Generation has a wonderful Money Magazine article called Sandwich Generation: Survive the midlife tug of war. It includes an extensive list of web sites, books and people that can help you to be both a good kid and a good parent. I’m going to bookmark it and spend some time there. Lots of resources and ideas for Gen Sandwichers.

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It is hard to feel very "mid life" when I've been eligible for AARP for 7 years already.

By Blogger P.S. an after-thought, at 10:02 PM  

{grin} I know what you mean. I'm pushing 60 and didn't really feel my age until I started doing the parent-care thing!

By Blogger Pat, at 10:07 PM  

Fabulous Pat. I love your blog and am so thrilled that we got to meet again at the writers conference. The Sandwich Generation topic doesn't apply to me, but is very interesting. I look forward to reading more about it.

By Anonymous Tasra Dawson, at 9:43 PM  

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