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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Surprise

I’m so excited. Our son and daughter-in-love are coming home after all. It’s been hard for them to decide what to do on their first holiday. But her mom works all day, so they will celebrate on Saturday. I had urged them not to come because of the traffic. The usual seven-hour drive would easily become nine or ten tonight. And the same going back on Sunday. So they were going to take a little trip or hang out tomorrow.

But when we talked today, it was clear that we were all missing one another terribly. So tonight, he called and said they’re driving up tomorrow and will be here in time for breakfast. The friends we celebrate with are setting two extra places at the table. Their boys are also coming home, so we’ll all be together again.

It’s so wonderful to have raised a son we LOVE being with. The pain of missing him was actually palpable, so I really appreciate their willingness to make a fast-turn-around trip just to be with us. I’ve made my traditional sticky buns, which will be waiting when they drive up tomorrow. Life is good!


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