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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Holiday Decisions--Resolved

We just got home from my parents. We celebrated our family Thanksgiving yesterday and it turned out well. After vacillating about whether to go out or stay in, we decided to simplify the meal and stay in. The deciding factor was my step dad’s needs. He wanted to spend the day in his home. The only time he can come home now is when there are a couple of strong men to help him in. To bring him over for part of the day and then go to a restaurant would mean an additional transfer in and out of the car, which is always hard on him. So we had everyone bring one item so no one carried the whole load. We switched from turkey to pork loin and from mashed potatoes and gravy to scalloped potatoes from a box, which are far easier to cook and serve. We kept the rest of the menu simple and served on paper plates. Everyone pitched in and at least some of the men helped with clean up, so it wasn’t a burden on anyone. We had time to visit and enjoy one another’s company. And Mom got to have another holiday in her home.

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