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Monday, November 06, 2006

More Medicare Part D

David at The Delaware Right makes a very good point that prior to Part D, there was nothing for many seniors. For them, what we have now is definitely better. He’s right. $2250 in coverage is better than nothing. Amazing how quickly we grow accustomed to "entitlements!" However, I still think the plan is too confusing for mere mortals (especially confused 85-year-olds) to understand.

Unfortunately, my parents had better coverage before with their Medigap program and are now in the donut hole, so it's easy to be critical. I was suspicious when their plan announced that they were adopting the Medicare Part D plan. I’m sure it is better for those whose prescription drug use is low, but it’s sure a kicker for those who have several branded meds for which there is no generic.

Here’s what we’re doing: As much as my mom hates to ask for help (and she feels that asking is begging), I’ve convinced her to ask all of my step dad’s doctors for samples of all of his meds. Even if Doctor A didn’t prescribe the drug, he may have samples while the prescribing doc doesn’t. Many of the drug companies have plans were seniors in the donut hole can ask them directly for help, but since they also provide physicians with samples, that’s the easiest way for seniors to meet the need for the next two months.

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