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Thursday, November 09, 2006

AARP and Medicare Part D

I get tired of writing about Medicare Part D, but seriously folks, it’s a huge decision, as some of us learned this year. And it’s way too complex for any elderly person I know to understand. Another problem seems to be that we’re shooting at a moving target. The plan you had last year may change in any of several ways. And from what I’ve heard, they can even change during the year.

AARP provides an easy-to-understand synopsis of the program. Please don’t just assume that you’ll do what you did last year.

Now I need to get my mom to send me the materials from their plan so I can see what changes they’re making and then compare them with the others in the area. Problem is, my folks are in an HMO. I wonder what happens if you opt out of the HMO’s Part D plan but want to stay with the HMO. Anyone know?

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