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Monday, May 30, 2011

Aging and the Mind-Body Disconnect

Back in April I wrote about the mind-body disconnect I see in both Mom and myself. This is the unrealistic expectations we have when our minds are convinced we can do what we’ve always done, but our bodies refuse to cooperate – or complain loudly when we push them.

The Rev. Amy Ziettlow, COO of Hospice of Baton Rouge, wrote an article for the Huffington Post about the same topic. In her hospital work she regularly encounters people who think they can do more than their bodies are capable of. And the result is an increased fall risk. She lists a set of criteria they use to assess fall risk. I see many of these criteria in Mom, and understand why I'm always on the alert when I'm with her. It’s a useful list as you evaluate your parents  -- or yourself.

How do you cope with your own body/mind disconnect? How do you act your age, or help your aging parent to act his or her age? I'd  love some new ideas. The old ones aren’t working…

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I am stuck home 24/7 with mom so I have to ride my stationary bike to get any exercise. I think that is keeping a little younger. Sometimes when I am down and need to do something I put on my running shoes and just do stuff . Dance , run in the house, strecth. I know it is weird. I also go out and run in the back yard with the dogs. That really is fun. Not sure if I do anything for my mind. I try to read the bible everyday. I think my soul is ok. LOL!

By Blogger karen, at 5:55 PM  

Karen, bless you for your ministry to your mom. Good for you to do what you can to stay healthy. It isn't easy. I know that. And good for you for reading your bible daily. That will help you a lot.

By Blogger Pat, at 8:36 PM  

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