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Monday, January 08, 2007

Poignant Reminders for the Sandwich Generation

I love to find other Gen Sandwichers who offer an optimistic, respectful look at being part of the Sandwich Generation, especially in honoring our parents. I’ve found two recently that I’ve learned from.

Stephen Orr of Tennessee at Christian and Scriptural Eldercase doesn’t post often, but is a health care professional who seems to work with the elderly. He offers poignant and humble insights into life in nursing homes. His posts gave me greater understanding of what my step dad faced when he was in the nursing home. He challenges us to find better solutions.

Emuna Braverman is a Messianic Jew in Los Angeles who addresses the “mitzvah of honoring our parents.” She talks about the opportunities of interacting with elderly parents for our children and oourselves.

She says,
“Yes, we have many responsibilities. We can cope with them, and even do more than cope by 1) taking care of ourselves, 2) recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, what we can do and what we can't (within the parameters of halacha) and ultimately 3) embracing our responsibilities.

If we feel imposed upon, if we expect more free time and undemanding, uncomplaining parents and children, we will be stuck in that sandwich generation. But, if we are grateful for our children and our parents, for the opportunities to give, for the strength and pleasure, then it will be a joy.”

When I feel smooshed by the demands of being a Gen Sandwicher, I appreciate the optimism and inspiration from bloggers like these.

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Emuna Braverman is not now and never has been a messianic Jew.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:25 PM  

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