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Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Gen Sandwich Christmas

Elizabeth at GenBetween says, "It's hard being responsible for most everything, huh? No answers, just empathy."

Yep, it is. I guess the question is, how much of that is my fault (if I dropped the ball, would anyone pick it up?), how much is birth order (oldest, responsible one, you know...) and how much is simply that I live by a different set of values than the rest of my sibs.

We leave tomorrow for two days at Mom's. Gifts are all wrapped and most of the food purchased (except that Costco was out of pork tenderloins, so we'll have to stop on the way). I haven't started packing yet, but the laundry is all done and it's only two days, so that shouldn't take long. (Famous last words?)

Now, to get on with the Christmas letter, which clearly won't make it out before the holiday... again.... We send well over 200 letters, so it's an ordeal that I seem to keep putting off. But I'd rather be late than stop doing it or do less. This is the one chance each year to keep in touch with old friends (who, BTW, seem to be getting older. We got some photos this year from people we didn't even recognize! I'm so glad we haven't changed a bit....)

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