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Friday, December 01, 2006

Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays

Rosemary Lichtman and Phyllis Goldberg at Nourishing Relationships remind us to take care of ourselves during this busy month. What good advice, although easier to say than to do.

But I must say I had a wonderful day. I had my hair done this morning (long overdue), and then spent the afternoon shopping. I usually hate shopping, and now health problems make it more difficult. But tomorrow is my hubby’s birthday and I haven’t even started the Christmas shopping. So, I went to a couple of stores where I knew I could find gifts for several people. Since my only vice is books, I of course headed for the bookstore where I selected gifts for my niece and nephew.

Then I did something that I seldom do, even at the bookstore. (I’m always in a hurry. Get in, get what I need, get out.) I ordered a mocha and sat in the easy chair perusing a few books I was interested in for myself and others. After some time—who knows how long—I realized I had relaxed. I was sitting, reading books, and resting. What a treat! I felt so decadent! It was a wonderful interlude and made my day. I didn’t get all of my shopping done, but I got enough done and nurtured myself at the same time.

So even in the midst of the busyness of the holidays, please take care of yourself. Take time to enjoy the aromas, the colors, the music and the people. Treat yourself to a mocha. Put your feet up. Enjoy. And for a few minutes, let all thoughts of children and aging parents fall by the wayside. For a few minutes, nurture you. You’ll be much more prepared to go back to your responsibilities when you do that.

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