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Thursday, August 09, 2012

God Knows Your Name: In a World of Rejection, He Accepts You

Do you ever feel anonymous in the midst of your care giving? Between aging parents, children, grandchildren, work, and all the other responsibilities we carry, it’s easy to feel like an automaton. It’s easy to wonder if anyone knows your name, let along God! If this describes you, then let me recommend a book I just completed: God Knows Your Name: In a World of Rejection, He Accepts You by Catherine Campbell.

Campbell is a nurse, writer, and inspirational speaker from Northern Ireland. In addition, she had two children with genetic disabilities, so she knows a bit about being overwhelmed and undervalued. She writes about people who feel nameless, hopeless, worthless, helpless, powerless, and loveless. You’ll enjoy the way she weaves together stories from both the Old and New Testaments with stories of contemporary women from around the world. I especially loved the way she researched the sociological, political, and religious context of the biblical stories, and used this information to craft richly layered stories that will capture your heart and your imagination. Even though I was familiar with all of the Bible stories, Campbell brought them to life better than any other author I've read, stressing the poignancy of the sad situations. And she did the same with the contemporary stories.

So if you’re feeling a bit anonymous, or know someone who is, you’ll appreciate God Knows Your Name.


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Thank you Pat for taking time to read 'God Knows Your Name' and for such an encouraging review! I'm glad you enjoyed the opening up of the Bible stories. I loved the research - it certainly helped me to stop and take notice of what God is trying to say to us. Bless you!

By Blogger Catherine Campbell, at 10:37 AM  

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