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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Beware of Visitors (Part 1)

My mom lives alone.
She has a hearing aid and doesn't hear well on the phone.
She is nice person.
She is 90 and naive.

So when she received the following call, guess what happened... (Identifying info changed for obvious reasons).

Caller: "Hi, how a you?"
Mom: "Fine..."
Caller: "I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?
Mom: “Fine…”
Caller: “Want some company?"
Mom: "Umm, I guess so."
Caller: "It's been awhile. Remind me where you live."
Mom: "XYZ Mobile Home Park, over on Grove Street."
Caller: "Right. I remember now. And what number?"
Mom: "Space 34."
Caller: "That's right. Well, I'll head over in a few minutes."
Mom: "OK."

Seriously! After all the times I've warned her about phone scams, her pride and naive niceness took over once again. She later said she felt she should have recognized the voice and didn’t want to embarrass herself by letting on that she didn’t.

Fortunately, my brother called right after she hung up and realized what she had done. After chastising her, he called the local police and explained the situation. They promised to send an office by and keep an eye on her place that night.

People, please remind your elderly loved ones to make sure they know who is on the phone before giving out ANY information.

Tomorrow, the conclusion of this story...

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